ROXELL BV, Maldegem - Belgium

Taking care over clients' profitability and product quality has made ROXELL an authority worldwide in industry and development in the field of feeding and drinking systems for poultry and pigs. In the past 40 years they introduced 33 new systems.
Many of these systems initiated trends or became standards in the industry: Optimax, Hoxline,KiXoo, Vitoo, HaiKoo, LaïCa, PooLai,Swiiflo, Koozii…

As ROXELL supplies systems that offer client the best possible return on investment, based on:

  • Continuous research and development
  • Continuous investments
  • Short delivery terms full service
  • Full service

Clients' benefits

  • Systems that exactly meet business' requirements
    Whereas: Roxell translate customers' remarks and questions into high quality systems using state-of-the-art tools and techniques: 3D-CAD, simulation techniques...
  • System complying with severe quality standards
    Whereas: Roxell invest constantly in highly skilled personnel and state-of-the-art machinery...
  • Fast and foolproof deliveries
    Whereas: Roxell well-studied logistic structure guarantees a smooth follow-up and fast execution of customers' orders...
  • Reliability around the clock, wherever customers are located
    Whereas: Roxell worldwide net of trained Roxell-distributors and agents guarantee customers' first-class advice and optimum service...

The backbone of the company is their passion for innovation, supported by motivated co-workers and a superior network of 150 distributors and agents. The Roxell range is exported in more than 85 countries.

PETERSIME NV, Zulte – Belgium

For more than 90 years PETERSIME has been “hatching” solutions for higher profitability. In 1912 Petersime pioneered the modern poultry industry by inventing the first electric incubator. Today, Petersime is a world leader in the development of incubators, hatchery equipment and turnkey hatcheries, and in more than 100 countries Petersime stands for excellence in incubation.

Petersime setters and hatchers require less labour thanks to innovations. Innovation is the result of research, customer-oriented thinking, and creativity. It requires studying new technologies and materials, designing new examples, building prototypes and field testing. Obviously, this is not a one-person task.

One needs a team of experts from a variety of disciplines: engineers, software specialists... Petersime leading-edge research and development team, working in close collaboration with the biotechnology department of the University of Leuven (Belgium), has developed revolutionary technology that constantly monitors and controls the incubation process. Maximising performance is achieved on the basis of biotechnology that focuses on optimal embryo development.In contrast to others in industry, Petersime reinvests the significant part of profit in research. The result is numerous Petersime innovations that set a benchmark for other manufacturers to follow.

Hardinxveld-Giessendam – Holland

ABBI AEROTECH BV is company which specialises in the field of ventilation, cooling and heating systems for poultry and livestock farming.

Abbi-Aerotech utilises a unique concept in the development of new products: listening to the market and then translating that into the development of new technology.

Abbi – Aerotech supply products for various market segments:

  • Agriculture (Livestock farm – Horticulture…)
  • Construction